E.M.’s Saturday of Rest? ~ #SoCS

Each time that I think I have everything under control, the “eff up E.M.’s day fairy” comes to rear it’s ugly head. I got up feeling decent, except that my dog woke me up too early due to his legs crossing. *laughs* Then the cold hit me on my bones, and my Lyrica ran out yesterday because CVS Pharmacy is trash. They ran my Medicare and said they didn’t show coverage so they didn’t fill it. They also did not contact me to tell me that information…

Mind you that I have been trying to fill it since 2/22/2022 when they said it was available for a refill in their screwed-up system. (Even if you try on the dates they put forth, they will still not fill it until they want to or feel comfortable. They say it’s a controlled substance. It may be…idk.) I tried 4 times to fill it. No calls…no texts. I had to call and yell.

Anyway, they pissed me off about it for the last time, so I transferred all of my prescriptions to Costco, and guess what? It was filled in less than an hour with transfer time included, and it is under $18 to pick it up. So… CVS messed with my medication schedule for a price of under $20.

My pain forced me to rest when I really had a lot to get done. My sister and I watched Seal Team on Paramount+. I am just now watching the first season of the show. Hopefully, tomorrow (today) will be a better day. I have a few errands to run to get meds and our groceries, and then I will be coming home to read Rambles and participate in my Zen! I will probably have to get these presentations done for my Monday meeting as well because I am out of steam and in pain.

That was my day…How was your Saturday everyone?

Written for Linda Hill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness about “rest”

5 thoughts on “E.M.’s Saturday of Rest? ~ #SoCS

  1. Don’t you wish certain pharmacists would HAVE to take medications they love to eff up for others. They did that with my Lexapro once. Only, it was the insurance co that decided the doctor’s dosage was too high and just refused to fill it. As you may know, one simply does not STOP taking Lexapro. Oh there was screaming…and I got my Lexapro. I did not get the insurance person’s medical credentials however, despite demanding them.


    1. Wow, yeah I still wasn’t able to get mine today either. I forgot to check on the hours of Costco Pharmacy because it’s pretty new. I assumed they were open. Sunday is the only day they are closed lol. Early in the morning I will be able to get relief.


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