Faith and War

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Laura dreaded hearing the alarm go off because today was the day she would have to confront her own faith in the wake of a huge battle. Her eyes were gasping with tears as she watched the smoke fill the bay. It was hard to breathe because the war was at the doorstep of her country’s border.

What do you expect me to do?” She asked to the heavens, even though she had been lacking in her faith. “Should I sit here…watching the demise? What would you really have me do, God?”

She was angry, and she was scared. She had never seen a war like this one before, and she never thought it would hit like the missiles that were flying in the skies. She was struggling to understand the madness, and at the same time, she wanted to feel a higher power was in control of the scenario. That she would be okay. That her people would be okay.

“How can you allow this? Would you grant me one moment of peace by telling me why you would permit such a raw display of genocide on my people?”

She didn’t realize, nor did she understand, that this carnage was not the work of God. The devil had his way with the minds of the enemy’s side. She couldn’t hear His voice because of her anger, and she only had to learn to listen and have faith.

“Answer me, dammit!”

She paced the floor for a moment blowing off the steam in her head before falling down to the floor of the pristine hotel room, where she began crying. She pressed her hands together and rocked onto her knees. It was the first time she had prayed in nearly five years.

“Please, I beg of you to make the war stop. Save us from our deaths.” She wished she could hear him.

“There, there, my child. I am here.” The voice echoed in her head voice.

She crawled over to her seat at the table, pulled herself up to sit in the chair, and began watching the world differently this time when she looked out towards the battle.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction #156, Fandango’s Story Starter #34, and Reena’s Xploration Challenge #219

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