E.M.’s Friday Fibs ~ 2/25/2022

This week’s questions for Fibbing Friday from PCGuyIV are:

In the world of international finance, what do the abbreviations, USD and GBP stand for?
Universal Special Discount and Gross Branding Product
What exactly is cryptocurrency?
It’s the money that was used in the creation of the series called “Tales from the Crypt”.
What is the difference between stocks and bonds?
Stocks are like socks but they get stuck to your feet.
Bonds are pasties to hide your nipples from showing through your shirt.
What is meant by a “bull” market?
It’s where you can buy time with Anthony Dinozzo from NCIS to talk to him about his character on Bull.
What is meant by a “bear” market?
Yogi Bear sells all of his pic-a-nic baskets for the right price.
What is a stock split?
It’s when you lose one of your sticky socks in the dryer, so it splits up the pair.
What exactly is crowdfunding?
All attendees of music festival crowds get money thrown at them for their participation.
What is a pension?
It’s something that incentivizes death and murder.
What is a 401(k)?
It’s a special zip code in the United States.
What is day trading?
A trip to the local farmer’s market to trade goods with the merchants.

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