The Affliction of Forsaken Love

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Her love is afflicted, for him she became weak

As his eyes no longer see her spirit

A growing disturbance in her fractured soul

Robust and potent withdrawal, like an addict

Flutters when her eyes meet his, breath-taking

Defiantly I adore him, against her own advice

The cagey intuition of her desires, fierce and intense

She yells to the heavens, telling Him of her pain

She tosses questions, inquiries into the skies above

‘Why doesn’t he see me?”, she pleads.

‘Why doesn’t he feel me?’, she begs.

The door to her heart slammed shut, barred

Like the clashing of metal and brick, a cell

He shall not pass, her guard rose up

This love is forsaken, by fault of her own

She was an apprentice in matters of the heart.

© E.M. Kingston, 2022 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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