For E’M’s Random Prompt [Reblog]

We all need a Sarah in our lives that make things that are difficult easier to handle! This is a great story from Writer Ravenclaw using my random prompt.
xoxo, E.M.

Writer Ravenclaw

His flight almost over, Saul didn’t need to look out of the window. Mist, like a soft quilt, wraps the mountains of home. A forest of pine, covered in a blanket of snow would always guide him home.

It had almost be ten years since he saw his mother. An argument about . . . he wasn’t ever sure, but now, with Sarah by his side, nothing and everything could be achieved.

Marriage, and his sister was adamant he would attend. Sarah insisted they go too. A chance to build bridges, and quieten the ghost he listened to for far too long. Part of not going back. Fear. Saying the wrong thing was an easy thing to do, and he wasn’t sure it was possible now.

‘You’ll be okay.’

He wrapped the seat belt across his lap, and took a deep breath in.

The plane made its descent towards the…

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