A Fair Trade ~ #FSS 33

This week’s Story Starter teaser from Fandango is:

I recently went through a really bad breakup and had sworn off relationships forever until…

life looked a little bit better when he asked me for a smoke outside on break. I had seen him a few times, but my self-esteem would not allow me to think that he would be interested in me. I still remember it like it was yesterday, and it was nearly five years ago.

“Hey Miss Lady, how are you doing?”

His tone was silky, and his eyes were pure. Dark brown eyes with little slivers of a golden amber. Perfect eyebrows and lashes for a guy. I could tell he was a King. His smile lit up a thousand skies inside of my eyes along with the swagger. He was so handsome to me.

I answered, “I’m good.” I was trying to play it cool.

My friend Andres was standing beside me. I looked at him and giggled under my breath and was probably blushing.

“Okay, okay! Can I get one of them fancy squares from ya?”

I still didn’t know his name. So, I played it perfectly.

“Sure…it’ll cost you though.” I probably licked my lips because it was better than swallowing my entire throat from being nervous.

“Is that right?” He answered back in a playful tone. “I see. And what is the price, Miss Lady?”

“A cigarette for your name…” I was flushed in my face…it was hot. I offered a cigarette from my pack.

“Everyone calls me Big Body”, he smiled big at my little bit of swagger…”Thank you, Miss Lady. I see you. What do I call you?”

“Amy. I work at the desk.”

Andres threw in his own demographics of me and my smoking habits, and I just played along and enjoyed the smoke before having to go back inside.

After I finished off my day, I tried to pass him my number, but he had already left. I was kind of bold with him. I had written it on a Post-It Note, purple…my favorite color. I figured he would want another cigarette, and I would pass him the number with it. No such luck. He was gone. I didn’t see him the next day or two after our tobacco break.

The next week he came back to work. He had been out on medical. After he talked to the boss, he came into my office area, held his hand out to me, held my hand in his, and introduced himself properly. Every single day after that, he made a special trip into my office to hold my hand and wish me a good morning.

I miss those days, but he still makes me feel like that when I see him.