An Unperfect Date ~ #WDYS 121

Image credit: Olga Solodilova @ Unsplash

At first, intentive to his adulation of her

The table of flowers, the perfect setting

Her beauty filled his eyes, adoration

Rain taps on the window, sublimity

His effort original, something she should cherish

The fine wine he sips, confident

Ardor inside of himself, without revealing it

She looked away, uninterested

Chills up his spine, serious regrets

Detriment ensues, his body gasps

The feelings not reciprocated, seeing her angst

Expression poignant, the flower wilts

He looks away, heart collapsed

The ramifications, without reprieve

Watching as she departs, disappointment

He reaches to her, “don’t go”

Her body veered away, “goodbye”.

© E.M. Kingston ~ All Rights Reserved.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See? #121


23 thoughts on “An Unperfect Date ~ #WDYS 121

          1. Zelda Winter

            Oh, I get that–being single has definite advantages 🙂 And here’s my opinion: it’s important to be alone, at least for awhile, so we can learn to be independent and content/happy. It does wonders for self-esteem 😉 Then if we find the “right one”–great; and if something happens, we suffer the loss of them–we know we’ll still be okay. God will take care of us!! Huge blessings to you!! ❤

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          2. That’s a great way to look at it. I have been working on the self-esteem and self-love since I became single about a year and a half ago. I still struggle with missing him, but I am also good knowing I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself 😀 God Bless you my friend! ❤

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          3. Zelda Winter

            EM, it sounds like you’re doing Very Well! It’s such important work that we must do…and it doesn’t matter how long it takes. For me, it seemed to take forever: I didn’t catch the revelation (of all that Jesus has for me, that I was missing out on–and His assurance that He’d help me every step of the way through needed changes, growth, etc) until I was 59 years old…which felt like a really late start! BUT, God fast-tracked me, and I’ve made great strides with His help–I’ll be 70 in September, and feel younger than ever! The coolest part is that I’m too full of JOY to regret that I was such a slow learner–I don’t look back and say I wasted a lot of time. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy–HE IS SO GOOD!!

            So I’m really excited for you, as I continue to pray that you’ll hear HIS Voice (don’t listen to the Liar’s accusations and condemnation)–and keep taking each step toward ALL THE GREAT THINGS GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU!!! Do you have a good readable Bible, like the New Living Translation? For daily reading I use the NLT’s “One Year Bible”–for each day you get a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, a Psalm and Proverb–nice bite-size portions that bless and excite me. It’s an “adventure story” to me, as I learn more and more of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…and all the heroes of faith, as well as the ne’er-do-wells! 🙂 Please know that I’m not “preaching”–but rather trying to encourage you, from my sincere heart of love for you ❤

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          4. I think that in life, that God has been my biggest struggle to include. I got baptized in 2012, and it was amazing. I did feel like I was surrounded by him in the river. It brought my faith to light. My father used church as punishment, and I, of course, rebelled. I think that is why my life has been so hard. I never knew who to go to when there was not a single person I had to talk to. I didn’t trust in HIM because of Dad’s use of religion to punish me. As I have gotten older, my faith has grown. I still am not a fan of a church environment, but I do enjoy Bible studies and conversations. I really am thankful when I encounter someone touched by the light like yourself.

            Thank you for putting me in that light with you. I do have a great Bible that was gifted to me after my baptism. It’s called The KJV Rainbow Study Bible. It has been a good guide for me.

            I appreciate these words more than I can express from you. My hugs and blessings are coming to you, and I am lucky to have a great guide in you as well. Thank you for lifting me up, my dear friend. ❤


          5. Zelda Winter

            I totally understand the “struggle to include God in one’s life”–it took me decades to completely surrender control to HIM, and make Him the center of my life. And I’m more sorry than I can say that your dad used church as a punishment, how cruel.

            Because I’m basically a recluse, and because I’ve had plenty of negative church experiences–I currently attend several churches online, and have been hugely blessed and educated (unlearning some bad teachings–traded for good ones: God’s huge LOVE and grace, His patience, etc). It’s all about having a personal love relationship with Jesus–that’s what He came to Earth for…and died for–not to give us a “religion”.

            I’m glad you have a Bible you can read! I have some other book suggestions–you know I told you I’m going to work on a Page for these, but I haven’t had time yet 🙂 If you like Tyler Perry, read his, “Higher Is Waiting”–it’s a quick and easy read, but deep and full and so inspiring…I believe you’d LOVE it. Another is, “The Radiant Midnight”, by Melissa Maimone–it literally saved my life a couple years ago–her writing is easy to read, very personal and genuine/authentic. I felt like she was telling my story!

            As I think of more, I’ll let you know. And among my TV/online pastors/preachers, I love: Joseph Prince/New Creation Church, Singapore; Steven Furtick/Elevation Church (South Carolina, I think); Gateway Church in Southlake, TX–Pastor Robert Morris.

            Keep me updated on how you’re doing in your faith-walk–it’s an honor and pleasure for me to encourage you! Much love, Z (I’ll even reveal my real name: Leslie) ❤

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          6. Dad was a radical Christian. He started me out in a Nazareth church, sent me to church camp to fix my bad behavior, etc. He disliked my mother, and he took it out on me. It was not until I got older that we had a decent relationship, but even then, it was struggled.

            I would love to try the online church experience to see if it works for me. I will look into those, Leslie 🙂 My given name is Amy. I am a “write that down” kinda girl, so I have started a notebook of things that people share with me on reading and writing and such. You got your own page now 🙂

            I love Tyler Perry, and he is such an amazing person! I will look up those books tomorrow. I do better most times with audiobooks purely for timesake, but I love to read in bed before I pass out for the night. Those sound like good books for that occasion. Then I can dream them.

            One of my favorite books is Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh.

            Much love to you my friend 💜

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          7. Zelda Winter

            You are such a lovely person, Amy/EM–it’s wonderful to share back and forth with you here. I don’t know if the 2 books I mentioned are available by audio, but maybe.

            I love online church because I my “pew” is my recliner, hah! I can wear my jammies if I want to, not worry about how bad my hair looks, etc… You get the benefit of great worship music and generally, a fabulous message–without having to “mingle”, & find a parking spot with these mega-churches. I always take notes–well, except when I’m cooking…and I can go to multiple services, if I miss something good 🙂 My weekend is pretty packed with church: I do Gateway on Saturday afternoon, then “fly” to Singapore for Joseph Prince in the evening; then Sunday I do Elevation Church–Steven Furtick generally has 2 hour services–and Joseph Prince runs long too. Gateway’s is the traditional ‘hour’. Call me crazy, but I just LOVE hearing the Word of God preached well…and often! Feeds my spirit 🙂

            Thank you so much for the Conversations with God recommend!! I’ll look for it on Amazon 🙂 Much love to you too!💖💖💖

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          8. Thank you so much! I actually ordered the Radiant Midnight book on Amazon and put the Tyler Perry read on my wish list for my birthday in June 🙂

            I will look into those services 🙂 It sounds like a good way to spend some weekend time!

            The Conversations is a series of 4 I believe. I just have the first one, but those other three are definitely on my list as well. Much love to you, Zelda 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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