The Love in Music ~ #FFFC 155

The Guitar Player 
Image by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior
via Wikimedia Commons

“You play a beautiful guitar, Joseph…mind if I sing along?” Claudia asks.

Joseph smiles at her and hops up into the window, leaning his back against the wooden frame. He tips his hat to her and then pushes it back to see her face. Usually, he would sit there alone on that window sill, but he was glad to have the company, especially a guest who wanted to sing with him.

He strums a few notes and replies to her, “Of course. I always welcome a beautiful woman to join me. I do not get the chance to have such an honor very often.”

“I couldn’t help but hear you the past few days as the sounds echoed through the alleyway…” He could tell that she was genuine with her words.

Without further conversation, he started playing a sweet melody with the strings of his guitar, and she automatically started singing. Her voice was just as beautiful as the music coming from his fingers strumming that little guitar. She belted out notes he had never heard before. She held her scarf like it gave her strength to project her voice through the streets.

She leaned against the building, looked into his eyes, and started singing to him. He returned the gaze, and then they both closed their eyes and enjoyed the tunes.

They fell in love that day, and the town was blessed by Joseph and Claudia sharing their love for one another and their music at the same time each week.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge (#FFFC)

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