Sebastian’s Story – Part 31 – Breakfast Meeting

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“Davina, breakfast is ready! Pronto!” Fiona hollered upstairs to beckon her daughter down to the table.

“Mom, I’m not 12. I will be down in a moment. Can you get Sebastian’s food first?” Davina answered back from her upstairs bedroom.

There were not many instances of the family getting to eat a nice breakfast together, and today felt different to Fiona. She felt like they all needed to sit down for some family time together before everyone took off starting their days.

Sebastian came running down the stairs to Davina’s calling. He was full of smiles and ready for food. He never wanted to miss a chance for Gammy’s home cooking.

“Gammy! I love pancakes. Did you make pancakes?” He was trying to peek at what was on the top of the table in the Tupperware serving containers.

“Maybe…I had no idea you loved pancakes!” She teased him with a tickle to his side as he ran over to his side of the table to crawl up in his plastic booster seat.

He was a good boy and hardly ever acted out like most three-year-old children. His heart was golden, and it matched the smile on his face. His best friend was just a little ratty dog that loved him all the same. He never got persnickety or sassy with his elders. He had been through so much, but he was able to still capture his childhood from being taken hostage by the trauma of his father. Fiona was always thankful that Sebastian did not have to renounce his own childhood at such a young age. It was one of her fears while they were in transition to their new home. She admired his strength, and she was glad that she had the privilege of being his “Gammy.”

“I knew it! My favorite chocolate chip pancakes! Syrup please, Gammy?” He peeped out the tiny silver dollar pancakes with little chocolate oozes as soon as his eyes rested upon the tableware.

“I’ll do it. Is that okay?” She met him with the hot syrup, holding his hand away from the syrup pot.

“Okay! It’s too hot for me anyway, right?” He nodded playfully to let Fiona know that he understood.

There were not many instances of him misunderstanding much of anything. He was too smart for his own good at times.

“Momma! Come eat some pancakes with me!” He said as he now beckoned his mother to the table.

“Little man…no bossing the momma! First, Mom, and now you…I will be down in a minute.” Davina snapped out of her lips from afar. “Goodness sakes…”

Fiona giggled under her breath when she heard Davina’s response. It was her normal playful sarcasm, and Sebastian loved hearing that tone in her voice. It was one of those hues of sound that did not signal a direct threat but indicated you better listen to the words coming out of her mouth.

“Eat a little bit, and she’ll come down soon.” Fiona pushed him closer to the table with her knee on the heavy wooden chair.

It was about fifteen minutes later before Davina trailed into the kitchen. She was dressed up fancy. She had on a beautiful red dress that flowed with her body, black heels, and a black hand purse mounted on a chain to match her shoes.

Whoa…where are you going all dolled up like that? Do you have to work this morning?” Fiona was taken back by shock when she saw her daughter so exquisitely decorated from head to toe.

“I have a meeting. Don’t ask too many questions, Mother.” Davina ran the brush once more through her dark locks of hair.

She looked so posh, and it piqued Fiona’s interest. However, she knew her daughter would not take a liking to her asking a bunch of questions. Her personal life was like cracking a bank vault and had been like that since Davina was in high school. She didn’t like to show emotion or share her feelings much, especially after meeting Cole.

“My God, Davina! Why are you always so standoffish? I just want to make sure that you are okay. That’s all.” Fiona got a little swell of a tear in her eye.

The pain of Davina’s words to her mother was unmistakable. Davina did notice and tried to smooth it over in a supine manner. She rarely saw her mother so emotional, and the last time she could remember was at her 10th grade recital when Megan had pissed her off to the point of crying. Fiona was as passive as one could imagine, but she had sass if she needed to channel it.

“No need to be melodramatic. Everything is good. I just have a meeting.” She grabbed a piece of French Toast from the serving containers and put it in a baggie from the drawer. “I’ll take breakfast with me. I must go.” She kissed Sebastian on the forehead and hurried out to her compact white car.

Davina waved as drove away with Sebastian and Klaus in their rightful place at the window watching her disappear beyond the trees as they do almost every single day.

Fiona thought that could bribe Sebastian with a second helping of chocolate chip silver dollar pancakes to see if Davina told him where she was going looking like a model. She knew Boo’s had no use for clothing of that caliber, and the Verve was not known for wearing large amounts of clothing. It was more skin than cloth.

“Sebastian, come get some more pancakes! I made a little extra.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. He came running like his pants were on fire. “Sure Gammy! I will always eat more of your pannycakes!”

“I figured you would say that!” She served more cakes onto his plastic Mickey Mouse plate. “There ya go, little man…”

She fumbled around for a moment before sitting down with her own plate. She snacked on some grapes that were in the fruit bowl on the table and decided to just ask him bluntly, “Do you know where Momma’s meeting is going to be?”

“Bad girl, Gammy!” He waved his finger at her and gave her a stern look. “Momma would sit you in timeout for being nosey!”

She giggled at his scolding of her. It was the simple pleasures of life with Sebastian, like this time, that made her days feel more normal. Usually, she felt like a hostage in her own life.

“That’s not a funny. Secrets save lives, Gammy!” He shoveled a big chunk of his pancake into his mouth and smiled with it pushing out from his cheeks.

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