Uptown Heartbreak

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She stood there with tears in her vivid sapphire-blue eyes waiting for him to see her expression and her torment from watching them together. Fawn Parker was not a stranger to having her heart broken in half, but Nigel’s affair right in front of her face was too much for her mind to process. He was such a careless man, standing there kissing another woman. As much as it was frustrating to watch, Fawn couldn’t look away, besides…she wanted him to see her face when he turned around to leave her replacement.

She thought to herself, “Who did that bitch think she was anyway…kissing my man and pressing her body against him? Does she even know about me?

As much jealousy that Fawn was feeling in her heart, she couldn’t help but live vicariously through her. She had not seen Nigel look at her like he was looking at the new woman for quite some time. Even still, she could not help but wonder if the stranger in the relationship knew about the loyal woman that starched his pants for him every morning. Or that she cut his hair for him every other week. Or that the Rolex on his wrist was the gift given to him at their 10-year anniversary. She wouldn’t know that every Thursday they go together to get a bite to eat at their favorite restaurant, Everett and Jones, for their date night.

How could she know all of that? She’s a mistress…a replacement…a toy, so to say. Fawn knew that just one flick of her wrist to wave him over would have him rushing through the traffic to get to her, except she will never do that. As melancholy as she was feeling, he will never be by her side again.

As that thought passed through her mind, Nigel looked over across the way where Fawn was standing before hailing the yellow cab that was coming up to the curb. He saw her face filled with perplexed disappointment as it was screaming by the means of tears from her eyes. She got what she wanted…for him to see her in pain. The wall held her up as her legs went weak for a moment, and he held his gaze to hers from across the way.

As he got into the cab, he broke the gaze and looked down at the ground then looked back towards his lover who had already departed into the store on the corner of the street. Nigel Warren knew his life was about to change, and at that moment, Fawn also had the same thought. It was time to go home and face the music. She snapped her fingers at the next cab that approached her at the curb and got inside.

She ordered the cab to take her back to the apartment that they shared together, “500 William Street, please…you can take your time.”

The cab driver, who was quite attractive, smiled into his rearview mirror and nodded his head to her, “Yes, ma’am. Are you alright?”

Frankly, I do not have the energy to talk about it, so just drive please.” She rolled her eyes a bit because of the driver’s flirting and looked out the back passenger window at the cars they were passing.

He noticed and put his eyes on the road, “The Uptown, right?”

“Yes.” She was still annoyed that he was being so friendly. “I change my mind…could you get there a little faster.” The small talk was making her stomach churn due to the unrest in her soul from what she had just witnessed before getting in the nice man’s taxi.

“Those apartments have a great view of Oakland. Have you lived there long?” He was probing her for more information. Fawn felt like it was odd that he was asking so many questions.

“All my life…and um…we have security…just so you know.” She was sarcastic, and her eyes darted a glare at the end of her sentence.

He chuckled at her flustered tone, looked into the backseat smiling, and told her, “My name is Vernon. Vernon Burke. A beautiful lady like you shouldn’t have tear marks scarring her makeup. Here’s my card.”

She had to give it to him for being diligent in his conquest of her. He was persistent. She let her guard down a bit with his tenacity. She didn’t remember Nigel ever being that determined when they first had met. The unwavering attention made her smile this time, and she took the card into her hand as he pulled up to her apartment complex. She wrote her number on the back and gave it back to him.

“Ball’s in your court…have a great rest of your day.” She winked at him, grabbed her purse from the seat, and exited the back seat of the cab.

“You too, Miss?”

“Parker…Fawn Parker.” She closed the door and backed up onto the sidewalk.

He winked back at her and pulled away, and she turned about-face towards the entrance of her condo’s lobby. Nigel was standing there…waiting for her. He held out his hand and came towards her. Fawn stepped back, jerked her arm away, and avoided him. She ended her stance by tossing a disgusted smirk at him, and now the tears were in his eyes. It was over.

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This post was written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #216. In this prompt, Reena asked us to do a character sketch with the photo above.

For the visually challenged, it is a young lady leaned up against a dark brick wall with her arm bent up to her mouth. Her knuckle is resting at her lip. Her eyes are a beautiful blue color, but they are red and puffy from crying.

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