E.M.’s Fibbing Friday on a Sunday

Hey everyone! I missed you all while I got my room put back together after the painting. It feels really good, and I am going to write another post about it with some pictures. This post is my very late Fibbing Friday post with Di (Pensitivity101) hosting for fibbing fun πŸ™‚ You guys know how much I love this prompt, so you know I was itching to get here and write up some fibs πŸ˜€

1. What is a flagon?

It’s something that triggers inside your head like a lightbulb to tell you something is bad for you.

2. What is acnestis?

It’s a pimple on a hippo’s arse. Very painful for the poor hippo.

3. What is a halfpace?

It’s the little walk you do when walking on a sidewalk to avoid the cracks so you don’t break momma’s back.

4. What is clinomania?

It’s when you are Crazy about Patsy Cline.

5. What is petrichor?

Cinderella Syndrome…you get petrified every time you have to perform a chore.

6. What is tittynope?

It’s a contraption that attaches to the flangiprop to smack hands that try to touch or get too close.

7. What is xertz?

Drainage of your power and energy due to exposure to microwaves.

8. What is agastopia?

The opposite of euphoria. You can only fart and burp. The positive side is that after a while you get used to the smell and/or pass out constantly.

9. What does evancalous mean?

This term means that even the most calous of people can be saved because there is magical power when you say the word in front of evil people.

10. What is Nudiustertian?

It’s a new fetish that derived from 50 Shades of Grey…I’m pretty sure that the participant has to take off all of their clothes to participate.

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