Dream of Cars and Neighbors ~ #Bloganuary

The January 24th Bloganuary asked us to:

I am running late on my Bloganuary posts due to appointments, babysitting, and my grief this week. I have had some pretty good dreams lately. Granted, they are strange, but I always find that if I wake up remembering a dream to pay attention to it.

First, I will give you a bit of background. I have lived with my sister for 4 years, and our neighborhood has recently had a lot of turnaround in move-ins. When I first moved here, an older couple lived across the street, and a quiet lady that stayed to herself lived next door. This past year, those houses have filled up with new neighbors that are louder and busy with kids and traffic.

So, a few days ago, my dream actually had me in the neighborhood, and I was in the garage getting ready to wash my car. (I think the universe was telling me to wash it *laughs*) When I opened the garage door, the next-door neighbor’s car was parked in front of mine. We will call him “L”.

He and I both have Dodge Chargers. His Charger is black, and mine is silver and black. I think his is newer than mine, and I don’t think he has a hemi.

Anyway, I walk out of the garage, and “L” was waiting for me to tell me, “Sorry, I had to park in front of you. They (the neighbors across the street with all the car traffic) stole all the parking in front of my house.”

I could relate with him because that drives me nuts about the ones across the street too. They party a lot and have teenagers and young kids. I proceeded to tell him that it was okay for him to park in front of me because I was only washing my car.

To give a bit more background, L is very helpful. He has helped us with a tree that fell over and with a jumper box when the battery died on my car.

Back to the dream…The next thing I know, he grabbed his power washer from his garage and all his cleaning supplies and washed my car for me.

Then I woke up, and it was so real that I had to check and see if he really did have to park in front of my car *laughs*

That dream probably was one of my boring ones, but it makes me wonder if I am not the only one in the neighborhood annoyed by the not-so-nice neighbors across the street. I miss the older couple that was quiet for sure.

xoxo, E.M.