Fictional Character Interview ~ #Bloganuary

Yesterday’s Bloganuary came and went for me with NFL on the television, but I thought this one would be a lot of fun. I figured to spice things up that I would “interview” Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist.

Me: Hi, Raymond! Would you rather me call you Raymond or Ray Ray?

Reddington: I wouldn’t call me Ray Ray or any sort of Ray if you wish to breathe again.

Me: My apologies, Raymond. So, not to sound like a complete fan-girl, but I love your character on The Blacklist.

Reddington: Great… Could we possibly get on with this? I have matters that are more urgent than your admiration of me. What is it that you want?

Me: Is Liz really dead?

Reddington: I don’t know. Is she?

Me: How the hell would I know? I still don’t know if you are her father or not, so I definitely have no clue if she’s dead or alive.

Reddington: Well…I guess that’s the mystery then. Anything else?

Me: Are you mad at Dembe for joining the FBI?

Reddington: Seriously you are just wasting my time. Of course, I do not approve of the man that knows my entire enterprise working with the Feds.

Me: Will he end up like Mr. Kaplan?

Reddington: I suppose anyone could end up like Mr. Kaplan, as death is a natural course of the life cycle.

Me: *glares at Reddington*

Reddington: *shrugs* It’s true. I truly miss my friend, Mr. Kaplan. Terrible what happened to the lass.

Me: So, Liz is your daughter?

Reddington: Secrets are better left in the past, E.M. Be careful digging up old stories, as they can be detrimental to a person’s well-being. I always stress that fact, but nobody listens to the criminal mastermind of all time. (He picks up his fedora and puts it on his head…stands up with one leg out of the door).

Me: Your fans want to know. Will we ever find out?

Reddington: I think you know the answer to that.

*Reddington exits the room, and I sit tapping on my pad of paper with my pen.*

Me: I think that went well.

*empty rooms do not talk back…usually*

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