The Move ~ Flashback Friday

For today’s Flashback Friday from Fandango, I have a post that I wrote originally on January 31, 2018, since I did not have the 21st. I was not a consistent blogger in recent years.

I wrote this about a month after my move to California from Arkansas.

I have uprooted my roots
Away from the place I called home
My comfy little spot
To brave the world alone

Not sure where to begin
Except to express things have changed
Things feel so different
It really feels new but oddly strange

My mind is very focused
Determined to make this a success
I still get apprehensive
Hoping that I don’t make the move a mess

Failure isn’t an option
I am putting forward all my best feet
The fear is a tad bit exciting
My hopes aren’t raised too steep

Life is what you make it”, they say
I am giving it my very best
Welcome to my new journey
Let this be one of my new steps

© E.M. Kingston 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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