Really Mitch??

Warning: This is not a nice, friendly E.M. post. This is E.M. with a red face and blood pressure high as the sky.

MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN. Urban street art protest sticker. Leica R7 (1994), Summilux-R 1.4 50mm (1983). Hi-Res analog scan by – Kodak Gold 160 (expired 2001)
Photo by Markus Spiske (markusspiske)
Photo provided by Unsplash

A few days back, this was the photo of the day on The Daily Spur, and I knew that I wanted to write something about it due to it being in my wheelhouse of using my voice. Well, Mitch McConnell gave me the context needed for this post, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

If you hadn’t heard, Mitch McConnell made comment on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and separated, in comparison about their voting rights, African Americans from Americans. It comes across wrong, and the two white men in the back of him do not even flinch. His statement basically said that black folks are not American. Who is American, Mitch? The white pasty guys behind you that look like they are part of the Volturi in Twilight? Are they American? What about Martin Luther King, Jr., Mitch? Was he an American to you? How about Malcolm X? Maya Angelou? Rosa Park? John Lewis? Sam Cooke? Are any of those folks American enough for you, Mitch?

Here is the video, and then I have more to say:

How he says these words are just as terrifying as the act not going through to help voters that are not white. It’s absolutely ridiculous and disgusting.

John Lewis is probably rolling in his grave, and RBG probably is as well. This country is in such division that we all really need to worry about the integrity of the votes we keep making and the enemies that are watching us beat ourselves up. The politicians are buttering our toast for us to get the vote, and then they are taking a giant crap on the plate (expecting us to eat it) once they get their hands in their own candy bowls.

These people need to be reminded of who pays their salaries. I don’t see them struggling to buy groceries during this pandemic, do you?

Oppression! Oppression! Oppression! Depression! Depression! Depression!

It’s the same as it was back when Emmit Till was murdered and the walk across the racist bridge in Selma happened.

This country is right where they want it. Broken and White. As a caucasian woman, that makes me absolutely sick!

*steps off of her soapbox*

Here’s a link to our United States Constitution, just in case he forgot what is in it?

Click Here!

xoxo, E.M.

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