E.M.’s Fibs of the Friday ~ Nursery Rhyme Edition

Di (Pensitivity101) is the host for Friday Fibbing this week, and the theme is nursery rhymes. I love Fibbing Friday because these are the only fibs I do not get in trouble for telling 🀣😁πŸ€₯.

1. What did Miss Muffett sit on?

Glenda the Good Witch’s red slipper

2. Who tried to gatecrash her dinner?

Winnie Pooh and Yogi Bear — Winnie took the curds, and Yogi took the whey. Then they enjoyed a tasty Miss Muffet.

3. What did Wee Willie Winkie do?

Bought a magnifying glass and some tweezers 😱

4. How many blackbirds were baked in a pie?

Only the cook should know…poor birds! I wonder if that’s why the Beatles sang that song. “Blackbird singing in the dead of night…” Do you think they knew they were going to die?

5. Who sold sea shells on the sea shore?

Pauly Shore

6. What did Peter Piper pick?

A fight…with the Giant from Jack & The Beanstalk

7. What ran up the clock?

Well, duh…it was Damon on the Vampire Diaries.

8. What was daddy going to wrap Baby Bunting in?

Butt cream…turns out Baby Bunting had a terrible diaper rash.

9. Where did Doctor Foster go?

To hell for not changing his ways…he was the first Kevorkian.

10. What was the old man doing when it was pouring with rain?

I’m not real sure, but from all the belching in the sky…I think he had way too much to drink.

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