Trust [Reblog]

Beautiful words on trust 😌 Thanks GS!

Be Inspired..!!

Trust that the future can still be beautiful even if it looks different than what you were expecting. Trust that even here, more is unfolding beyond what you have been able to see. Even when things have changed.

You may not be able to be everything to everyone, but you can still be everything you were meant to be by choosing to be present and ready to grow at every place on the journey. You do not miss out on what is meant for you when someone says “no” to you. You have not missed out on being able to know Love and Peace just because all that fell apart this year. You are still here, and this matters more than you know. You are going to have more opportunities to live, to learn, to grow.

Years from now, you won’t remember every conversation, every though or everything you accomplished…

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