E.M.’s Style ~ #TBTMemory

This week’s Throwback Thursday is coming to you from Maggie at From The Cave Walls, and the theme this week is “Sense of Style”.

Maggie asks these questions:

At what age did you become concerned about the clothes you wore?

I honestly began my picky nature about clothes when I was about 10 years old. I always had to look cute. I think it came from everyone having cameras around me all of the time. My dad took pics with a professional camera (which I have now), and I thought I was a model. *laughs*

Did you get hand-me-downs or new clothes?

I got a majority of hand-me-downs from my sisters, but I did get to go school clothes shopping every year. Most of my new clothes came during Christmas and birthdays.

Were any of your clothes made by hand? If so, by whom?

No…but if they were homemade, they would have been made by my granny or my father’s side of the family.

Were you allowed to select your own clothes and assemble your own ensembles?

My sister and I chose our own clothes before school each morning. I won’t elaborate too much on that.

At what age did you start buying your own wardrobe?

Umm. In my 40s *laughs* I was spoiled or just got rummage sale clothes in the rich neighborhoods for the large part of my life.

What fashion fads did you adopt?

These are the ones from the 80s:

  • Tight-rolled jeans
  • Legwarmer socks
  • A mullet – I looked like a poodle. I do have photos but I am not sure if I want to share them *laughs*
  • Stone-washed jeans, shorts, and skirts
  • Leotards

Now: I wear a lot of sweatsuits and clothes from my favorite black-owned businesses, like The Dope Era and Mack’n & Mob’n. I have a few items from Cookies too. I like designer clothes and shoes. My closet is very full of hoodies, jerseys, jeans, and leggings. My shoe collection is getting large, and it’s mostly Vans, Nike, K-Swiss, Fila, and PF Flyers.

Did you have certain colors you loved to wear?

Red, black, gold, some blue/navy, and purple. I was never into girly pink or any pastels. I guess I have always been kind of emo lol.

Were you of the hippie generation of perhaps a child of the 1980s? What was the wildest or craziest outfit you ever wore?

I grew up in the 80s. I dressed pretty normal though. It was my hair that was crazy.

What about jewelry? Did you have piercings? Were they done by you or by others? What jewelry fads so you remember?

I had my ears pierced, and then when I got older, I got my tongue, eyebrow, labret, and belly button pierced. I have since grown up, and now I only wear jewelry when I am accenting my outfits. The tongue and eyebrow were pierced professionally, along with my ears when I was younger. My labret and belly button was done at home with the assistance of my ex.

Now think about your hairstyles. What cuts did you sport? Did you ever color your hair? Did you try to alter your hair in any other way (cutting, ironing, shaving, curling)?

I mostly sported a spiral perm, which was normal for the 80s, and then I made it big. That’s all, besides that terrible mullet in the 7th grade. I did color it burgundy a lot though. I did curl with a curling iron every day, and sometimes I would crimp it. In my early 20’s I went Grace Jones short and died it platinum blonde. Now I go blonde to hide my gray hair. I hate my hair long. I cannot stand it. I usually sport an A-Line cut…sassy and classy.

How has your taste changed over the years?

I am super picky now about my clothes, shoes, and socks. I have to match and look right. I do wear less makeup these days, but I always make sure that I match from head to toe and look fly.

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  1. I am older so I did not experience many of the styles you wore. I think I could have rocked the big hair, but I was too old by that time. My son and his children are very much into streetwear brands. My granddaughter is also into skate culture and manga wear – not quite as dark as emo, but she is all about the emotions. Thanks for joining us this week.

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