Incoming! My 5 Things to Disappear

Dr. Tanya at Salted Caramel asked us to name 5 things that you wish would disappear from the world in 2022.

Put on your seatbelt! This one will be a doozie.

  1. Police brutality against minorities…

    This is extreme wishful thinking, but it is number 1 on my list. I want for police to stop seeing minorities and mental health emergencies as shot-to-kill targets. Their training needs to change, and psychological evaluations need to be more focused on their socioeconomic views. The military and the police should not have the same training because their job descriptions are very different.
  2. Wrongful convictions and mass incarceration (They go hand-in-hand as one IMO.)

    Innocent people are being executed by the death penalty in many states in the United States. We incarcerate more people due to “recidivism”, and the word “corrections” means nothing. There is no such thing as rehabilitation because their recidivism rates are for profit to private companies who have bought in on the prison market.

    When an inmate serves their time, they are still not free. They cannot get an apartment, a job, a loan, student aid, or anything that would make them become functional members of society. Corrections was meant to teach its prisoners to live a normal life, and it has been used as a lifetime punishment for profit. It’s the new slavery for black men and women. It all has to be overhauled to give people a chance at a healthy and normal life after they make a mistake and have served their time.

    Prosecuting attorneys need to own their mistakes in court when offering plea bargains and using the fast track to move offenders through the court system. Again, it’s all about money and making the rich richer.
  3. Challenges to legal precedent in the Supreme Court…

    I wish I knew the numbers, but I have to say that it feels like legal precedent is being challenged more often than not, and it makes me scared. Kavanaugh and Barrett are a disgrace to the Supreme Court…(sorry, I tell it like I see it). I understand that precedent should be challenged on outdated laws, but it seems like everything is under attack to anyone who has a womb or a different skin tone, other than white. The challenge is there to fix old precedent, not to challenge anything that would hurt a mass amount of people, like Roe v. Wade. There was another one about access to police databases a few months back also that was substantial invasive to privacy rights.

    Thankfully, ACLU is fighting back against some of the states that are trying to make their own laws banning abortion.
  4. Ted Cruz…

    This really doesn’t need an explanation. I remember when he was running against Trump, and I kind of liked him for it, but my goodness…he’s the devil. Him and all his lackies… They all need to go to Epstein’s island and have their kumbaya…That’s all I will say about that.
  5. Conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine for the Rona…

    I am all for standing up for your right to choose. The problem is that the anti-vaxxers do not seem to be using public resources to read trials and the latest information about the vaccine. This causes a problem because they are misinformed by media outlets and conspiracy theorists.

    If your choice puts the entire country and beyond at risk, you do not have that right to choose. You are killing people, and you probably do not even realize it.

    The government has nothing to gain by poisoning every citizen in the nation. There are not microchips in the vaccines, and stop saying “my friend got the vaccine but still got covid.” It has never been said that the vaccine stops you from getting covid. The vaccine is to lessen the side effects in the event that you contract the virus. It is so you do not end up in the emergency room in critical condition to where you need a tube to breathe for you.

    Get your jabs (all three), wash your hands, wear your mask (to protect others from getting it from you and vice versa), and stop watching misinformation. Do your own research. There are vaccines that are better than others. You have to read the education that is out there to make an educated choice.

Whew…I bet you are glad that is over. It’s all wishful thinking, like supremely wishful, but a girl can dream. I want to live life again, so this is my version of a hissy fit.

xoxo, E.M.

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