The Objects Hidden in the Dark

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It was an illusion

Hidden by the lack of light.”

A helpless and strange feeling

Filling my compassionate heart

Discovering the objects

Implanted in the midst of the old tree

During the tempest of the darkest day.

The cool night was still;

The universe showed its face;

In the shadow of the moon

Exposed in the arch of the forest

In the errantry of the storms that passed

They sat and rusted into the Earth

In a more organic way, it seemed.

Two bicycles embedded in a tree

Premiered together with the roots

Which thrust through the spokes

Of the wheels flattened by nature.

They never found a way home…

The sweet girls left them behind

It was taxing to the land

But the answer was in the morass

Along the river’s edge

Only Mother Nature can describe

Of how the bikes ended up here

ยฉ E.M. Kingston 2022 – All Rights Reserved.

Written for Writing With Cancer’s Writing Prompt “Two bicycles embedded in a tree“, Putting My Feet in the Dirt’s January Writing prompt for Jan 1-7 “It was an illusion hidden by the lack of light“(a day late, sorry), and several other writing prompts that are highlighted in a hyperlink and/or bold lettering.

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  1. Fun, this is the second story about those bicycles. I’ve read this week. It demonstrates what I love about prompts…If you give the writers the same prompts, you get ten individual stories. Each one unique.

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