Humanity Aborted

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Words used to freely, no compassion

When lives are at stake

In a world full of oppression

Screams ring out loudly in the streets

Slaughters happen and get excused

They echo in my sullen heart

As society divides unpeacefully

Clean slates, not existent

No freedom of speech, censored

No right to live, murdered

Say their names and stand up!

Solidarity needed!

Humans judged by cultures, prejudice

Legal jargon and corruption

Conceals the truth in a system broken

Or is it fractured at all?

White privilege gains one victory after another

Pivotal racism becomes opaque; apparent

Broken justice, broken country

Mass incarceration; the new slavery

Strip their names, take their lives

Take their pride and give numbers, ludicrous!

All for financial gain; monopolies and scandal

Who will stop the hate?

Who will fix the wreckage?

What’s your answer?

Humanity aborted; destruction…eminent…

© E.M. Kingston 2022 – All Rights Reserved.

I felt like I needed to vent some of myself tonight and the world I see.

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