Falling and Crashing – Empathic Ramble

I was dreaming and probably snoring when I was awoken by the crash of glass in the living room. Mind you, I sleep with my door closed, and I am the only one that has a bedroom downstairs in our family. When I rolled out of bed, with very sleepy and tired eyes, I grabbed my meds, put on my pants, and walked out to see my Grandma and Grandpa’s photo had fallen from the top of the shelf that holds it.

My grandma and grandpa’s picture
Photo by M.L.H.

Now, my sister checked, and there were not any earthquakes today, so far. The windows in the house are closed because it’s cold here in the Valley right now. We do not have any drafts to speak of…especially when that shelf can only be reached with a stepstool. The frame is a sturdy and heavy one. There is no explanation of why the frame fell. The house is not haunted either. {This neighborhood is pretty new in age. }

I do have a philosophy though.

Grandma and/or Grandpa are trying to make us (my sis and I) pay attention to something. I need to check on my mom today and see how she’s feeling. She was the first person that came to mind when I saw the picture.

My sister and I were very close with our grandmother. It would make sense to me that she is trying to communicate. So, I think I need to figure out why.

I cannot help but have this oorie feeling that something bad is going to happen, so I am keeping my awareness up.

I have always been connected to the other side, and the house feels like the energy has shifted since the picture fell. I may just have to meditate and see what comes out. My empathy is soaking up energy like a sponge today. I will be exhausted tonight.

xoxo, E.M.

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