The Back Door – #FSS 27

I swaddled my scarf perfectly snugged around my neck and walked out the door without looking back. When I got in my car and started it, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio. It was REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You. I immediately began belting out the lyrics with the song, even though it was nearly over with less than a minute left in the tune. As I was singing along, I backed out of the drive to start my day.

I would always run my morning routine through my head to make sure I had not left anything at home that I needed while, but there was always something I was absent-minded about on my way out of the house. Sometimes the thoughts were hypnotic while listening to the music and the vibrations of the road on the car tires, which made it to where I lose track of reality and wonder how I got to work. I didn’t remember driving at times. It’s kind of scary, but it just goes to explain how deep in thought I can actually get while driving, singing, and thinking all at the same time. I was good at forgetting things, and I had really made a boo-boo this time.

I did not remember making the mistake that I did until later when I returned back to the house from work. I realized when I got home that I had accidentally left the back door unlocked. It was standing wide open, and I was immediately startled. I knew I had not left it standing ajar, but I did remember not locking it up before leaving. My first thought was to call out to my dogs. They came running inside as soon as they heard my voice, and I was thankful for the fenced backyard. I would lose it if anything ever happened to them due to my forgetfulness.

I leaned down and gave them both head rubs, and I said to them, “Thank goodness that you guys are okay!”

I received puppy slobber as a consolation prize. It’s the best slobber though. Their tails were wagging until they were scared by a noise in the house. They found a place to hide and left me standing alone in the center of the living room. My bedroom was above it in the upstairs loft. I think I stopped breathing for a moment when I heard the footsteps for myself. I froze. My first thought was to head to the cellar, but that would be stupid. Then I would be trapped down there with my babies. I looked towards the back door, which was still open.

I’ll just make a mad dash for the backyard, I thought. My thought was interrupted by the foot sounds on the stairs heading towards me.

“C’mon boys…,” I whisper to my dogs. “Let’s go, hurry.”

As I got to the door with the dogs, I heard a familiar voice. “Momma, are you home now?”

A sigh of relief expelled from my mouth, and I was nearly in tears. My daughter had come to visit. I always asked her if she was born in a barn because she was always leaving the doors open when she was little.

“Thank goodness…I thought I was going to have to bring out the bat and beat someone. You scared me half to death.” I expressed in that motherly, scolding tone.

She smiled, and said, “Sorry! I love you!”

“I love you more!” I closed the door as we giggled from the scare.

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  1. I had to chuckle as you made me think of that commercial for Progressive or Geico or something. The one where the teens are in a horror flick and the one says “why don’t we get in the running car?” and they all thinks she is nuts. Then one says “lets go hide behind the chain saws!” I love that commercial. I could just picture you, “let’s go hide in the basement, then we can be trapped down there with no way out”. Hahaha, I hope I am not offending you!

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