Home Sweet Home – #FPQ 151

This week’s Fandango’s Provocative Question is:

Are you one of the seven out of ten people who is unhappy with the place in which you currently reside? If so, what is it about your place that causes your unhappiness? Or, are you one of the 30% who is not unhappy with your home? What is it about it that makes you happy?

My answer to his question is:

I never feel unhappy with the home I am in because I am so grateful to have one. What makes me happy is that it keeps me warm, cools me in the hot weather, holds the food that is put into my mouth, and protects me from being homeless. Many people are living without homes after the pandemic caused folks to be forced out of their homes when the eviction memorandum ended.

If I did not live with my sister, I would be happy to have the home that I was blessed with. Home is where you make it and feel safe, so I am just peachy with my home sweet home.

xoxo, E.M.

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – #FPQ 151

  1. I could not live with my sister EVER, but when my relationship failed in 1989, Bro and my Dad helped me move out. I stayed with Bro and the family for seven months until I got myself sorted, by which time I’d met Hubby to be and we got a flat together.

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    1. My sis is pretty awesome. She’s helps me out a lot. I’m sorry you and your sis had a falling out. I’m like that with my oldest sister. She is a piece of work. It sounds like hubby and you have a great relationship. That’s awesome!


      1. Sis and I have never been close, and things have just got worse over the last few years. I’m just glad neither of my parents are around to see the way things have turned out. Whatever I did, I’ll never know, but it’s her demons, not mine. As for Hubby and me? We’re a pair of comfy old slippers.

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