For E.M’s Word Prompt [Reblog]

Thank you, Ravenclaw! This was a great story using my prompt! 🙂 I am going to reblog it for my followers to enjoy. 😀 I got a giggle about the opera singers who could not sing and the people clucking like chickens.

Writer Ravenclaw

Mary laughed at the group of chair crashing across the hall and wondered if this was all an act. Did they actually believe they were in the Grand National, or were they paid to be this silly. Either way it was hilarious.

Under a hypnotic spell, there were some, who clucked like chickens. Some thought they were operatic singers, but could barely sing a note. It was well worth the money to have a good laugh for once.

A holiday, after COVID restrictions had been lifted, needed to happen. They were all tired of being at home, and a holiday camp was just the thing to give back some much needed energy.

‘Three, two, one, when I click my fingers you will think you are on a life raft, and the only thing to drink is the rain water. You use your shoe to catch any water and drink it…

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