E.M.’s Humpday Hmphs #2

Today has been pretty uneventful in terms of things that make me go “hmph”. The love of my life (he still doesn’t realize that role yet) came over and hung out with me for about a half-hour. Seeing him always makes me dreamy *shrugs*

I made some sauteed chicken, and my daughter prepared the sides, which were Chicken Rice-A-Roni and green beans. All I have to say about my chicken is to not underestimate the power of garlic pepper and Cajun seasoning on small pieces of chicken. My mouth was on absolute fire!

I suppose the mouth being on fire would be something I hmph about *laughs* I don’t normally make spicy food. I’m a lightweight on food fire.

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Image Credit: meme.com

Unless it’s already Thursday where you are, and then I will say Happy Thursday! The week is almost over!

xoxo, E.M.