New Year’s Resolutions – #FPQ 150

I am running super late on last week’s Provocative Question from Fandango, and I figured I would still put in my two cents on the topic. My insomnia is driving me crazy tonight.

The Question:

Do you plan on making any New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, can you share a few of them with us? If not, why not?

My Answer:

When I was younger, I would always make a few resolutions, and they would range from starting a new job to losing weight. I do not think I have ever completed a resolution until last year when I made the resolution to graduate. I did it with honors, so that was a good resolution.

I had not planned on making any resolutions this year until I did a few of these types of posts asking about things of this nature. I found myself making a goal list on my Share Your World post.

I would love to complete at least three things on that list. That is my resolution.