Kitty Meets Plant ~ Kitty Wins

Image credit: Dimhou Pixabay

“Meow”, the kitty says as he bats at the flower, which wafting in the wind.

He had it in his crosshairs from the other side of the sidewalk.

He pounced like a lion, smacking at it as he landed before it.

His keen eyes zoomed in on the periwinkle-colored flowers.

He patted it to see if it would run away.

It stayed and fulfilled his delight.

His tail flicked as he smacked at the little plant.

If he could speak, he would have said, “Mine!”

The playful kitten mewed and played for hours.

He was a happy, purring little fluff the whole day long.

The happiness of the plant, not so much…

© E.M. Kingston 2022 – All Rights Reserved.

The post was written for Sadje’s What Do You See?

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