E.M.’s Truth about Good News

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I decided the best way to write my Truthful Tuesday from Melanie (She’s subbing for Frank aka PCGuyIV) is to share headlines that I believe are “good news”. It was really hard to find any actual good news when I did a search on Bing. Everything is about Covid, Cuomo, and China…the three Cs.

Police Officer Lawsuits Pile Up Against Trump Over January 6th” by Politico

The reason why that article is good news is that Donald needs to be held responsible for all that mess. I cannot believe that it’s been almost a year in a few days. There are so many people to blame for that mess, and it’s good that some of the people who disrespected and attacked our nation’s capital are being put to justice. I have not been all that happy with the length of punishment for some, but at least something is happening about it.

Every Movie and Show That’s Coming to Netflix in January 2022” by People Magazine

This is good news because a bunch of the shows that I love is coming to Netflix, and I will be looking forward to watching some of the new seasons, like Ozark. TV makes me happy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ There are a few older movies I will enjoy as well, like Gremlins and Willy Wonka.

That is all I could find that came across as good news. We are living in dire straits…*sigh*

xoxo, E.M.

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  1. Thanks EM. At least you found some good news. The sources I looked at, while reliable news sources (allegedly…no faux news thankyewverymuch) had nothing but bad news plastered everywhere. I’m heartened to hear that there are good bits here and there, and that those yahoos are being brought to account at last.

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