The Passions of E.M. – Sunday Poser #61

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I am doing my Sunday Poser from Sadje a day late, but that is how I have been running since Christmas :D. There are so many things that I find myself passionate about, but Amy, the person behind E.M., has the greatest passion when it comes to helping people.

I am very passionate about the path I have taken since moving to California and finding what I want to have for my career. It took me a long time to know what I wanted to do with my life in regards to having a career that I love. I finally found a passion. That passion is working with people who have been wrongfully convicted and working to protect civil rights.

I am an activist that found my voice, finally. I have a few cases that I am doing case studies about to get myself noticed as an activist. I want to work with a civil rights lawyer or become one. Right now I am working on becoming a paralegal. I have been studying for the LSAT since I lived in Arkansas. Currently, I am the chair of my local chapter of ACLU, and I am a Guardian of Liberty for ACLU as well. This work that I do is the passion that drives me to be better and make the people that we help feel better by getting justice for them.

Amy and E.M. are very passionate about all civil rights outlined in our constitution, stopping racism (all of it) and racial profiling by police, healing the plethora of mass incarcerations in our country, and freeing the innocent. I believe that the prison systems are just a new way to implement slavery in this country, and my voice works to make sure the right people are behind bars.

There you have it. E.M.’s passions.

xoxo, E.M.


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    1. Thank you Sadje πŸ™‚ It’s been enlightening to find my passion. I was held back a lot of put down, so I never finished anything I started until found my voice. Thanks for having me! Sorry I was late πŸ˜€

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