Wisdom from E.M.

It’s important to resolve conflict in your life to feel better and live better. If you are not able to fix those differences in your relationships, I believe it is a sign to let go.

But…that’s the hard part, right? Letting go of someone you care about? I think it’s worth it for you and your inner self to try everything to fix a problem before giving up.

The only disclaimer would be, “When is it really over?” You just have to know when to cut the cord on your willingness to be vulnerable in order to resolve the conflicts in your life.

That’s my wisdom of the day. Do you think it’s better to go the extra mile to repair bad things and resolve your conflicts, or is it better to see the problem and move on as soon as you get the red flags?

This was written for Linda Hill’s January Jot It Down and Saturday Stream of Consciousness.

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