Humpday Hmphs from E.M.

Today has been one of those days that try out my medicine for me. There are many things going on, and I think that my meds are having to work overtime today.

When my spine doctor upped my Lyrica at night, we forgot to adjust the prescription to make sure I did not run out of meds. Well, guess what? I am feeling all my nerve pain because I have had to space out pills and take less than prescribed amounts to not run out before tomorrow. It’s got me grouchy and frustrated, so my posts will probably reflect this mood. Just typing this is making my shoulder feel like it is on fire *growls*.

Then, Klaus decided to use my pillow for his hiking post when I was grabbing my breakfast, which absolutely infuriated me. My psychiatrist upped my night dosage of the Seroquel to stabilize my mood from the manic episodes because I have been triggered a lot the past two weeks, mostly by the dogs’ bad behaviors. Marcel joined him in behavior this morning taste-testing my pancake while I took a trip to the loo.

Last, but most important, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend have tested positive for Covid after the Christmas festivities. She was symptomatic the very next day. Along with them, her boyfriend’s mom and dad and a few other people got it. Luckily they know the source, and the source self-quarantined as soon as they heard that the family was having symptoms. My daughter and her boyfriend are fully vaccinated (minus the booster because it’s due next month), and his mom is as well. His dad is not vaccinated, so pray for him because he has developed symptoms as well. They are not sure which strain of the virus…as they just said “POSITIVE”, and my daughter says she feels okay. She said it feels like the flu with a head cold. The clinic is treating their symptoms.

There is an important lesson in my daughter’s situation though. Her boyfriend’s mother and someone else, (cannot remember who), did a rapid test the day they developed symptoms. It came back negative and got sent off. The cousin who had the covid in the beginning also had a negative test. So the lesson is to be tested 3-5 days prior to joining a social situation. Rapid tests are rapid, but that does not mean they are accurate. Everyone rushed around and got rapid tests, and it spread covid rapidly *shrugs*

Please stay safe everyone!

xoxo, E.M.

4 thoughts on “Humpday Hmphs from E.M.

  1. So sorry to hear about your daughter.
    Hubby is on pain meds and we had to fight verbally to get them. Luckily, the doc listened and realised that these are good and he can manage them, whereas the suggested alternatives would knock him sideways. Hope you can get some relief sorted.

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    1. Thanks, Di! So far so good with her and her boyfriend’s family. She said they are just trying to get over the symptoms that are rearing their ugly heads. I just got my Lyrica about an hour ago, so I will be sleeping like a baby tonight. Thanks for always being here. Sorry I am late to respond. I have been in a spiral.


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