E.M.’s Truthful Tuesday – 12/28/2021

Melanie B. Cee is substituting for PCGuyIV on Truthful Tuesday, and this week she wants to know our truths about how we are feeling about Covid and its variants.

Here are the questions:

Truthfully, how much faith do you have in the new versions of Covid that keep appearing?   

I truly believe that new versions and variants are bound to surface because that’s what viruses and bacteria do, they mutate. As our bodies fight them, they find new ways to infect us until they are no longer potent, like a common cold.

Do you think they’ll eventually become something we accept just like we do influenza? 

I do. As I stated in the first answer, eventually our bodies will produce the antibodies to fight the virus causing it to appear weakened. However, to do that, everyone needs to do their part.

Or do you think there’s possible a real cure ‘out there’?   

Is there really a cure to anything? I think we get vaccinated to prevent dying from bugs and viruses, but after all of these years, we cannot cure AIDS or Cancer. *shrugs*

Alternatively, if you think Covid is a lot of tosh, feel free to share your opinion and reasons why (let’s all be respectful).   

I think it is a real thing, and I hate that I do. Thanks to people sending solicitors to everyone’s doors, cold calls, and money lotteries, we are living in a big ole’ world of conspiracy theories and nonsense surrounding vaccinations of all sorts now, especially for the Rona jabs. If a clear choice would have been given and more transparency about the studies and trials of the vaccines, I think more people would have felt that it was a choice they wanted to make. I made a choice to read the trials before vaccinating, but some people would not know how to find that kind of information, which causes them not to be well-informed.

Somehow public health became right and left-wing politics and vice versa. *shrugs again* It is what it is. I am losing hope for humanity. It’s a pandemic, and we are the most divided we have ever been.

I think another Lollapalooza and the acid trips that come with that would cure the world and coronavirus *giggles*.

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  1. Great thoughts on what is rapidly becoming a very hot topic for a lot of people. It astounds me too that something that is endangering our health has become something about which people fight over the politics of the thing. That’s so stupid. I remain stunned. Acid? Well they’ve tried everything else it seems…maybe Timothy Leery was onto something… 🤣

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