Remembrance – #WDYS 114

One of my other favorite prompts is this one from Sadje, and it is called What Do You See? We get a picture, and we get to write what we see. The thought is to trigger something creative from the picture, whether it be a story, poetry, or feeling.

Image credit: Being. the. travelerPexels

She didn’t want to remember his pain or his passing. She wanted to remember the times. The times with him that made her smile were the best. He was her love everlasting, and she was his dream come true. Even with death feeling so final, as she lit the candle and set it out on the water, she knew he was finally free.

“Swim in the sea of eternity, My Love. Until we meet again, I will live and breath your breath of life to the skies.”

Even when the fire burnt out, the cord of love was never broken. He was her forever.

© E.M. Kingston – 2021.

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