Is E.M. Naughty or Nice? – #TBTMemory

[Lauren’s] choice this week for the topic on [her] Throwback Thursday Memory Blog Hop is memories as a kid when you did something naughty and something nice.

I am running a little bit late on this post because I went on a baking and cooking extravaganza yesterday, in which I made my very first cheesecake and homemade marshmallow fluff chocolate fudge. The cheesecake is a chocolate cheesecake. Both turned out wonderful, and I will have to post some pictures. I still have to decorate the top of the cheesecake, and then I will be making my homemade chicken and noodles today as well.

Now that I have rambled on, let’s get back to naughty and nice. As a kid I was pretty good, but the funniest thing that comes to mind for me on the naughty side is my snooping. I would get into everyone’s stuff because I was nosy and was casing the items to see what I wanted to steal when my victims (sisters and my mother mostly) were not paying attention. I would take small things like pictures and trinkets from my sisters, but as I got older, I found more interest in my mother’s file cabinet where she hid her cigarettes. I started smoking when I was 11 years old. So that is probably my most naughty thing that I did.

My memory serves me well on something I did that was nice also. I was a caring child, very emotional like I am now. For birthdays and Christmas, I would always make handwritten or handmade presents for everyone. My dad actually kept most of these handmade items. When he died, I was able to see that he kept them all when I got some of his items. A few of them had little notes to remind him when he got the things I made him in his handwriting. It felt good to know that my little gifts meant a lot to him. We were not always close.

I hope you enjoyed my rambles! Merry Christmas everyone!

xoxo, E.M.

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11 thoughts on “Is E.M. Naughty or Nice? – #TBTMemory

  1. I was going to make a cheesecake today but with mince pies, Christmas pud, cake and whole lot of other yummy things, I’m putting it off until Monday. My recipe is no cooking, other than melting the butter for the bashed biscuits.
    Have a lovely Christmas Amy.

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  2. Thanks for joining in. I know it is a busy time for most.
    Did your mom or siblings ever catch you getting into their belongings? As you read on my post I was a one and done, 1 cigarette person.
    I think it is so sweet that your father kept your handmade presents.
    I hope you have a great holiday.

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    1. Thanks for having me, Lauren, and Merry Christmas! My mom and siblings…all three caught me. They never learned from it though because I could probably have still gotten into my mom’s stuff if I wanted to when I got older, and the same goes for my sister on my mom’s side. I finally outgrew getting into their stuff. On the cigarettes, I wish I would have been a one and done. I sure would have more money to use for other things. Now, I just enjoy smoking too much.
      Dad was good at keeping keepsakes, so I was happy to see that as well. Have a great holiday too, Lauren!

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