The Glitter Faded Away

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I used to scintillate in his presence

His words were smooth, wafting in my ears

I was captivated by the mystery in his ways

I was barely reluctant to be his

Until I was, or now that I am

The love he gave became lethal

Or at least the pretense existing

Of the untrue love that he portrayed…

I moved slowly to learn him, never fast

He fooled my heart, soul, and mind

In early moments, I saw myself as his lily

Later, I was just the bologna sandwich

One that he did not want or need to love

It was never real, fake affection

He knew not how to love

I lost the comfort of his words and ways

The glitter of his essence became faded

I opened my eyes.

I saw him.

© E.M. Kingston 2021 – All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “The Glitter Faded Away

        1. It’s crazy because normally I hate being single, but I am thinking I am better off for now. I get red flags easily from the one that I want to be with. There’s someone out there for me. I just wish he would find me.

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