Sebastian’s Story – Part 26 – The Envelope

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Fiona had not sat with her feet up for the longest time, or at least it felt like it. It was the first time that she could relax. Sebastian was playing with his new best friend, Finn, and Lucas… She thought to herself, Lucas was doing whatever it was that Lucas did in this big house. Why did he need this big house anyway? She thought of all the ways that he could have acquired this mansion. Many of the conclusions she came up with were ridiculous, like robbing a bank, being a drug dealer, or human trafficking. She really wanted and needed some answers, but for now, she was enjoying wearing her favorite kind of shoes and resting her tired legs on the ottoman of the most comfortable chair she had ever sat in.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she let the air out into the room, she opened her eyes and was startled. There before her, standing over her, was Lucas. Smiling. Friendly. Without a care in the world about the situation or anything really. She found him quite annoying at times.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t asleep. Is this your chair?” She thought he wanted to sit there. After she spoke the words, she felt stupid for spewing them from her mouth, shaking her head at herself.

“No, not at all. It’s nice to see that you were relaxing, but I wanted to take a minute to speak to you since Sebastian and Finn are busy. Are you good with that?”

She sat up in a more proper position, bringing her feet down from the padded leather ottoman. “Sure, I hope I…we…are not imposing.”

Lucas was very kind. He tried to stop her when he realized that she was feeling like a burden. “Not at all. No. You are very welcome here. That’s what I needed to talk to you about.”

He piqued her interest because he was being forthwith but cryptic at the same time. “Alright. I’m listening.” Her face was perplexed.

“This is going to be hard to hear, but it’s a good thing that I need to tell you.” He sat next to her in the adjacent chair with a matching ottoman. “Davina knew there would come a time when Cole and his minions would find her. The Marshalls should have given you all new identities in the protection, but they failed. In the event of her death, I am supposed to give this to you.”

He handed her a large manila envelope with a clasp on it. The front read, “Momma” in Davina’s handwriting. Fiona’s face when ghostly white and blank. She could not speak. She got a huge knot in her throat as soon as Lucas began talking about her baby…her daughter…her Davina. Lucas could tell she was in shock by the way she slowly grabbed the envelope and lost the color on her face.

“Sebastian is playing, and Finn is keeping him entertained. Take all the time you need to read and take in what is in the envelope. I will be in my office, down the hall that way, when you are ready.” He pointed to the room on the right next to the living room with the double doors and put a handkerchief beside her on the table. “You will probably need this.”

Fiona tried to smile. She couldn’t. He recognized her pain. He lingered for a minute until she got the strength to wave him on politely. He didn’t take offense. She watched him walk out of the room and close his doors to the office behind him. She sat there looking at the envelope wondering what could be inside. She was having a hard time bringing herself to open it. All she could do is stare at it. Blankly… she gawked at the writing on the front. She picked it up and smelled it. It smelled like Davina’s perfume. It had her scent on it. It was from Davina, she thought. It wasn’t that she did not believe Lucas. It was lingering and surreal.

She had tears rolling down her cheeks. She opened the envelope slowly and carefully. She did not want it to rip or get damaged. She felt like it was all she had left of Davina at that moment. She succeeded in her efforts to keep it pristine, and it was probably the most careful she had ever been with an envelope. She didn’t lick the sticky part, Fiona mused. It made her smile a bit. Davina could not stand licking envelopes. The tape served its purpose well along with the clasp anyhow. She was still scared to look inside. She tapped on the outside of the off-white paper cover for what seemed like an hour, but it was just a few minutes.

She spoke out into the empty room where she had earlier found peace, “Okay. I can do this. You can do this, Fiona.” It was a pep talk that turned her cheeks red because she feared someone would hear her talking to herself in the third person. “Just look in the damn envelope already!”

She pulled the paperwork from the envelope, setting the envelope on the table beside the hankie that Lucas had left her. She sat the contents on her lap and looked forward. She couldn’t look down at them just yet. After a deep breath, she looked down as she exhaled to see a letter on the front page of the packet.

Dear Momma,

I hate to be cliché, but if you are reading this, then I am no longer breathing. I have no idea how to explain Lucas just yet, but he is a Godsend to mine and Sebastian’s lives. I can imagine you are a bit miffed at the secret, but I was trying to protect you. I got myself tied into things that I could not escape in the early years of Cole and I’s relationship, and I put your life and my baby boy’s life in danger. I have many things to show you and tell you in this packet, so brace yourself.

The most important thing to know is that this house is in your new name. Lucas secured new identities for all three of us, but I did not make it obviously. I promise that once you get through all the information that your worry will deplete. You can finally be happy, Momma. Even without me, Sebastian will make your light shine like I did growing up with you. I love you. I’m sorry that my life choices made you suffer.

Tell Sebastian that I love him more than he could ever imagine and that he was my reason for breathing. Also tell him that I said, “Secrets Saves Lives.”

Your Daughter,


For my new readers, this is an ongoing story. This part of the story is from this week’s Flash Fiction from Fandango (#FFFC).

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