E.M.’s Invisibility

This week’s writing prompt from Ebar is:

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If I were invisible, I would…

be a complete nuisance. I would find it funny to tickle the hair on the back of my loved ones’ necks, and I would love to move stuff around without them seeing me. It would make me giggle to watch them think that they were losing their minds because they “just set it down” or “put that right here” while looking at the spot they left the object with a confused look on their face. Invisibility would definitely make me a menace (lol), mostly because I enjoy pranking people on April Fool’s Day, so invisible days would be just like those kinds of days.

I don’t think I would do anything that harmed anyone unless I encountered a choice few people. Then my invisibility would be like a malevolent haunting. I would find humor in seeing them thinking that they were going crazy or feeling like they were haunted.

Welcome again to my dark side that sometimes comes out *giggles*

xoxo, E.M.

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