Opinionated Trolls – #TMP38

This is my first time doing Paula Light’s The Monday Peeve, and I woke up to something that just really made my blood boil. It was the first thing that I saw when I woke up and head outside for my smoke. It’s not Christmas-themed but I will talk about that too.

Here was what I woke up to:

I approved it and answered it because I hate censorship when it comes to freedom of speech. The thing about it is that if someone comes at me sideways, I will respectfully get back at them sideways in a more classy way lol.

This comment basically was calling me a sheep and a person who lacked common sense because of my choice to get vaccinated. I do not put my views on vaccinating on anyone else, but anti-vaxxers love to force their opinions on us. Like, I wanted to tell them to leave me alone and go a little ghetto on my reply, but…that puts me down to their ridiculous level.

It set my day off because I am a really passive person when I am medicated, but this person really got at me like I was an idiot for making a choice about my own life. It’s my life…let me live mines.

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That’s all about that…my Christmas peeve is wrapping. I hate wrapping presents. Even when I did not get to buy as much this year, I am dreading and have procrastinated wrapping the presents. It will make me stand, and I am still having problems with my knee. Plus, it’s tedious and my least favorite thing about Christmas.

xoxo, E.M.

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  1. Oh I hear ya! I recently blocked a “friend” on FB who kept spouting medical misinfo. On my blog, I don’t give trolls a forum in my comments, which doesn’t deprive them of free speech, since they are free to speak on their own blog!

    Thanks for participating! 😘

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