“I Got You” – #WDYS 112

Sadje hosts a prompt called What Do You See (WDYS) every Monday, and this week’s writing prompt is especially epic, mystical, and beautiful. I was in awe when I saw it.

Image credit: Kellepics @ Pixabay

Strength fills his arms that grow into wings as he protects this city.

Though faceless, you can feel him watching over each of us.

He hears our worries, our fears, our complaints, our prayers.

He senses when we are happy, excited, and brave.

He kneels to hold us up when we are falling.

He speaks the words softly in your ear.

“I’ve got you…keep going…just breathe.”

He is the passion in our bones.

He’s the beat of our heart.

He is our subconscious.

He is us.

© E.M. Kingston – All Rights Reserved.

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