Meet Me at the Square

Photo by Dmitry Spravko (kaprion)
Photo provided by Unsplash

She stood outside the palace awaiting his arrival.

She would wait for him forever if she had to.

Her love was on reserve for him, only him.

She had started to worry about his lateness.

A bell in the distance began to jingle.

A loudspeaker beckoned a stranger from afar.

She pondered where he could be.

Their hearts, she thought, were melded together as one.

She swivels looking backward at the sound of a familiar voice.

He swooped up behind her and hugged her from behind.

“Sorry I’m late my love…” he said as he got down on one knee.

A ring he presented her with along with a smile on his face.

“Spend forever with me?”

Her answer held back reticent from shock at first.

She swallowed deep in her throat.

Her mind was racing, and her chest anxious.

“Yes! My goodness! Yes!”

He placed the ring on her finger, and they kissed.

He was worth the wait.

This was written for Nox’s Photo of the Day and Word of the Day, along with Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, Ragtag’s Daily Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, and Your Daily Word Prompt.

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