Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Originally Published 4/10/2016

A million stars could light the sky
You would still be my shining light
Through all of the sorrow and pain
Through the blindness of life
Weeding through the darkness
Together forever.

The breeze can blow at cyclonic speed
You would be my shelter from the wind
Keeping me safe from harm and damage
Invoking the bad away with your love
Holding me tight against you through the storm
Never letting go.

Returning to you the protection
Returning to you the lights that guide
Exchanging the strength between us
Making us stronger than the storm
Invoking us brighter than any darkness
Because we are one.

Through all the strife and madness
Each other we find hiding amongst
Never giving up or letting love die
Because we are worth fighting for
You and me, and he and she
Forever isn’t long enough…

© E.M. Kingston – All Rights Reserved.

This was a post from my old blog, and I am sharing it for Fandango’s Flashback Friday.