The Photograph – #FSS 23

This week’s Story Starter teaser from Fandango is:

He realized that she had made a fool of him when he opened the drawer and found…

a picture of his beautiful wife with a man he had never seen before. He had no idea what prompted him to look in her things, but he was glad that he did, in a way. Bryce had been suspecting an affair, but now he had proof enough to take action. He couldn’t bring himself to accept the truth, until now. However, it was a little too convenient he had found the photo. He felt that it was almost as if she left the picture there on purpose for him to discover. The picture gave him a shock, and his brow filled with sweat almost immediately. His face had a puzzled expression, and he felt tears and perspiration upon his eyes. It felt like his soul was set on fire, and the air in the room became heavy and filled with an awful amount of anger.

“That’s it…I’m done!” He yelled it out into an empty house as he grabbed his Anorak and walked out the door into the snow.

He was groaning all the way to his pickup, and his heart was destroyed. He caught his hand on the door handle when he slammed the door shut, causing a bruise to swell on the crease on the pad of his thumb and pointer finger. He was cursing at the truck, his hand, and the door that bit him. He had some choice words for his wife too!

He wanted her to know that he wasn’t some nebbish man that would put up with this kind of behavior after 20 years of marriage. He wondered who the guy was, and he thought about who he should be mad at.

I don’t even know if he knows she’s married, he thought. He figured out really quickly who to place blame on, and it wasn’t the blonde hair, blue-eyed, physically fit guy in the photograph with Shelley. It was her.

“Let’s go, Bubba!” He said to his truck as he backed out of the driveway of their two-story home. “It’s time to go find some freedom!”

He left and never looked back. The last thing Shelley received from Bryce was a big and thick envelope containing divorce papers.

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