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  1. SHARE YOUR WORLD QUESTIONS FROM THE BLOGGERS (Plus one Holiday one from me)

Di  (11-2-2021)  What really turns your stomach?  (politicians aside) 

Blood…I cannot handle it, especially if it squirts from a vein. Eww! I get dizzy and sick to my stomach. It does an end-over flip in my tummy.


Jim and Fandango (12-1-2021)    Recently in a FPQ challenge, a question was asked about fish.   That ‘sparked’ a further train of thought by me about (Jim and Fandango’s discussion) “Whether or not recycling is helpful OR if it’s really far too late for anything of that sort to make a difference?

It’s far too late…sadly. We are terrible with trash and recycling.

What would YOU do with the immense amount of ‘garbage’ in the world, if there weren’t dumps or barges (Sorry New York/New Jersey) where it was taken to be processed?   (My question thought up from Jim and Fandango’s)

Burn it down!!! *said in Seth Rollins WWE music last year*

Evil Squirrel posed the following (12-5-2021)   What’s the oddest container you’ve ever gotten a gift in?
Holiday themed question:

Do people behave differently during Christmas (insert your own holiday or festive season)?

Absolutely! Some are more genuine, and other people are more fake.
                Do they try to be better?

I think they try to be better…to make things better maybe…but I know who they really are on the inside. I don’t let them hide behind gifts to fool me into thinking they changed after 45 years of my life.
                Do you donate something (money, clothes…) to charities?

I donate time to ACLU, and sometimes I donate to the Salvation Army.
                Do you give something to homeless people?

Food and clothes…every year!


This was written for Share Your World (a day late).

GRATITUDE SECTION (As always, optional)
This is an allegedly joyful time of year.   How do you, personally,  FEEL?

I used to hate Christmas, but my love of Yule has come back to making me feel good. I have my children back in my life and a new grandbaby, so it is nice to enjoy it with them.

My only bad feeling is about not being able to afford as many gifts for my family. They spoiled me rotten.

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  1. Thank you E.M. for Sharing Your World! I’m glad you have the joy of Christmas! Your answers were great! That whole blood thing gets a lot of people, so no need to feel alone in that! The strange gift container question was because that blogger often got his presents in unlikely boxes, like the box might read ‘baked beans’ or AAA batteries or something. Not many of us have the imagination to find the really odd container for our prezzies. The most common answer is the box within a bigger box within a bigger box… I thought those were fun. 😉 Have a wonderful week!

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    1. I used to do that to my mom. I would collect boxes from other places and wrap the gifts up in things they would never want 😁🤣🤣 You can imagine their surprise 😁 Thanks for having me 🫂


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