The Woman in the Window – #FSS 22

I am a little late this week doing Fandango’s Story Starter, but I have always said that it’s better late than never. A small update that I got my new desk put up, and I have everything arranged for the most part. It was a nice early Christmas gift from my sister. I feel much more comfortable in my room now.

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This week’s Story Starter is:

When I looked inside, I saw no sign of life whatsoever, except for…

a small mouse who was gathering some leftover crumbs from the abandoned kitchen table in the old broken-down house. I decided to explore a little further past the window that I was gawking in, and I made my way over to the raggedy door.

When I jiggled the handle and tried to turn it, the door creaked open like they do in the scary movies. It was dark in the house as I walked in, even though it was light outside. The windows were covered with abandoned dirt and muck with curtains that looked like they were from the 1920s. They were thick fabric and did not allow for much light to enter any of the rooms downstairs.

To the left was the entrance to the kitchen where the mouse was snacking on old grub, and to the right was a room that looked like it used to entertain many guests. It was weathered, but it still had beauty to it. In front of me was a little entrance with a door, probably to the bathroom. It was set below the upstairs walkway, and the stairs going up were uninviting. It looked like the wood had not aged well after the abandonment. I decided to go to the room that looked the most inviting, and I checked out the room to my right. As I entered the room, it got bigger and had an echo that replayed my footsteps. The ceiling was covered in different angels and cherubs, and in the center of the room was a piano.

As I walked past the piano, the keys began playing all by themselves. It startled me so badly that I had goosebumps all over my body. I was alone. I backed up out of the room back into the entryway and head out the door. I did not stop until I got to my car, and I never looked back. I could still hear the music playing as I sat down in my car and started up the ignition. As I backed out of the drive, there stood a woman in the window upstairs. She was waving “Goodbye.”

I never came back…

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