Sebastian’s Story – Part 21 – The Necklace

Cole’s pocket was deep in his cargo pants, and Davina reached in and felt around. Her soul was starting to immolate as she demeaned herself by digging in this man’s pocket and doing as he told her to…like she was a child. He was her master, and this was not what she signed up for when she signed that marriage license. Still, she kept her hand in his pocket and dug for the supposed treasure awaiting her. At the very bottom of his front, she felt a chain and grabbed it with her fingers. She cupped it in her hand as she pulled it out. She didn’t want to open her hand. She felt like he was bribing her after treating her so badly, and she honestly did not want anything he had to offer her anymore…including his love.

“Open your hand and look…go ahead.” He was excited and joking around like a jester, and she wasn’t feeling this little game he was playing with her.

She was flippant in her actions towards him, and her face was so serious as she looked up to him and rolled her eyes. Davina opened her hand and saw a gold necklace, probably over 14 karats, with a charm on it. The charm was familiar to her, and she was sure she had seen it somewhere before. Her mind was racing trying to figure out who this beautiful necklace belonged to.

“What’s this for, Cole? I’ve seen this somewhere before.” Davina allowed her eyes to cast a glare in his direction, and she probed at him with her questions about the pocket trinket. She knew that him having this necklace in his pocket was not something that he did in his good graces. “Where did you get this?”

“Oh…you know? Flannery deals with some people for us, and he thought you would like it.” His sneer was eerie and made Davina sick to her stomach. “I just wanted you to have a reminder of what happens to people who do bad things to our family. You know…just in case you were thinking of calling someone.”

Davina remembered Flannery, and she always thought he was just a layabout since she had never seen him go to an actual job of any kind. He always had just hung around the Deville house waiting for Megan, Corbin, or Cole to beckon him somewhere. He made her skin crawl. He was the villain in her story of life, and that was a chapter in her book that she had a bad feeling about.

Davina was still searching deep inside her brain to remember where she had seen the necklace before, but his threat had sidetracked her. She did not even recognize her husband right now. He had never been violent with her before, and the guy she knew most of her teen years would have never hit her or threatened her like tonight.
“I’m not going to call anyone, Cole…I do need to get my eye checked out though. I have a terrible migraine, and I’m dizzy.” Davina held her hand to her eye to try to relieve some pressure. The room was spinning a bit. She thought to herself…concussion probably.

“Take an aspirin and go to bed…you are so overdramatic.” Cole threw his hand up in the air and made Davina flinch backward away from his hand. “Oh, gimme a break…now you are going to jump every single time I move? Grow up, Davina!” He grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey off the table.

“So, this is who we are now?” Davina questioned her husband. “This is who you are…hmm?” She showed him that his haughty ways did not scare her and kept talking back to him.

She had obviously not learned her lesson on talking at him a certain way and in a certain tone, but she was true to herself. She was never one to back down to mean girls or bad people. It drove Fiona absolutely insane when Davina was growing up. The calls from the principal were common, and the teachers had gotten used to breaking up fights between her and those that would try to pick on her for being small.

He got into her face with his, “Are you sure you want to talk to me like that? Don’t push me, Davina. You’ll start ending up like your friends.”

This time she backed down and backed up away from her bully, and she was terrified of him. He followed her with steps forward matching her steps back. His face was different. His eyes were darker. She did not know this man…this dangerous man. He looked down at the necklace in her hand and laughed. “Ask around…you’ll find out whose neck that came off of.”

He continued his evil laugh as he turned his back, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator,  and walked away from her into the garage. The door slammed behind him, and Davina jumped once more. Unfortunately, it would not be the last time.

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