The Thanksgiving Spread – #SoCS

Golly gee! It was a great holiday with my family on Thanksgiving. We had a lot of good food, a lot of time together cooking the food, and a lot of time watching some good football games. I figured I would share the goodies that we had for this Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness.

This was the turkey:

We called her Tomasina.

This was the ham (since my daughter doesn’t care for turkey):

Slow Cooker Ham by my Sis – brown sugar and pineapple

This was my homemade cranberry sauce:

Mmm Mmm. Not too sweet…not too tart.

These are the deviled eggs made by my sister:

By my sister: I don’t eat them, but she does them perfectly.

The gravy by my sister (it was delicious):

By Sis – She has a great recipe! I always love her turkey gravy.

The homemade chicken and noodles made by me from scratch:

I had help from my daughter making the noodles this year.

The corn and real mashed potatoes:

Sis did the corn – I seasoned
I whipped these babies up perfectly, seasoning and all.

The green beans (from scratch, not a can):

Green beans by E.M.

Rolls with Cranberry Sauce:

We call them “butts” lol


Stove Top…but we love it!

My homemade marbled cheesecake brownies (from scratch):

These are so good with my coffee!

We also have pumpkin pie, banana pudding, and a lemon cake with homemade cream cheese icing. I just didn’t do pictures of them.

Golly gee willikers! It was a great feast and a great day!

xoxo, E.M.

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