E.M.’s Brain Tabs – RXC #109

From the moment my eyes open, the tabs begin to form

What will I write today?

What will my health be like today?

Don’t forget to medicate!

(Coffee, please!)

Make the coffee…play some games on my phone…

(Thank you very much!)

Okay…let’s go outside!

(I don’t function until three cigarettes are done and a cuppa is drunk.)

Don’t bother me yet.

Routine time!

How many challenges will I achieve today?

Look at all these tabs!

What’s for breakfast?

What will I snack on at lunchtime, if I eat at all?

Dinner will be ready at such and such time today.

Let’s write more on the book!

Should I share this piece of the book or nah?

Oh! That will be a good word to put in the story.

Dogs have to go pee.

I have to go pee.

Baby time!

I’m tired, but I will write a little bit longer.

Dogs barking…shush!

Medicate again!

Eyes are heavy…

(Just keep writing…)

Night night, WordPress.

Hello, Pillow! Hello, Bed!

I missed you!

Let’s turn everything off in my head now.

(Yeah right! That thing never shuts off!)

Shush brain…it’s time for bed…

(No thanks! I’ll keep you up just a while longer!)

Snuggle time… and finally, I can close all the tabs…


This post was written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #109, and the prompt was “My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open”. The parentheses are my brain speaking.

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