E.M.’s Late Friday Fibs – 11/26/2021

1.  What is rolling stock?

It’s a classic car that is all original. It’s called a rolling stock because of the tires, and the stock is because nothing has been changed on it.

2.  What is a rolling deck?

It’s when a speedboat passes by on the lake, and it hooks your deck and rips it away from your house. It’s dangerous when it starts rolling.

3.  What is role play?

Something that most people don’t talk about with other people because it’s secret.

4.  What is ‘on a roll’?

It’s when you sit on a jelly roll, and it gets stuck on your pants.

5.  What does a rolling stone gather?

People…lots and lots of people. Just ask Dr. Seuss.

6.  What is a rolling boil?

A rolling boil is pretty nasty. It sits under your skin, and when you touch it, it rolls beneath the surface so the doctor cannot pop it.

7.  What is a rolling pin?

It’s when you make a pen move with psychokinesis. It rolls by using your mind.

8.  What is a steam roller?

It’s the opposite of a Zamboni. It destroys the ice with steam as it rolls around the rink. Its real name is the Zamboozie. It was made by an alcoholic.

9.  What is a roller coaster?

It’s when you have condensation on your glass when it sits on the coaster, and when you take a drink, it rolls all over the ground when you pick it up.

10. What is a roller skate?

It’s what the steam roller runs around on when destroying the ice.

This was my Fibbing Friday post! Enjoy everyone!

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