Sebastian’s Story – Part 19 – The Lakeside

Trigger Warning for a bit of violence… 18+ post

Georgia gathered her purse from beneath her bedside table, grabbed her keys from the hook on the wall by the front door, and headed out to run errands. Finn had left for college, and she needed to grab a variety of things she needed to redecorate Finn’s room from Kmart. She was looking forward to turning Finn’s space into a decadent sewing room since she had been working out of her garage when doing her sewing projects for the kids. She was a fantastic tailor, and she got very busy after making the dresses for Davina and Brooke at the end of the year celebration…their prom.

When Davina, Cole, Finn, and Brooke graduated, she had the idea that she would start her own business instead of working at the local dry cleaner’s shop. Their dresses turned out beautiful, and she wanted to use her talent for the greater good rather than making someone else rich. Not that she would become a millionaire or anything, but there were more advantages for becoming self-employed for her. Her current job paid decent enough, but she wanted to do something that she loved. She loved making those dresses.

For Davina, she made a long, blue gown that had flower and lace decorations up the right shoulder, and it hugged tight up top and flared out elegantly without touching the floor at the bottom. Brooke wore a black and gold sequined-topped dress that was strapless, and it flowed low in the back and high in the front. Both dresses were divine, and the girls loved them.

She thought about how she felt seeing them in their gowns before heading to prom as she walked to her car. It brought a smile to her face as she sat down in the seat of her station wagon. She tossed her purse onto the passenger seat, turned the key to start the beast of a car, and backed out of the driveway to start her shopping adventure. The chorus of REO Speedwagon’s Keep on Loving You was blaring on the radio, and she was singing along as she drove down the country road. The mayhem of life and dealing with her neighbors was behind her when she had her music and a nice drive, and when she was doing those two things, she was happy. Nothing else mattered if she could ponder in that moment of solitude from her house into town.

She would think about her boys and how proud she was of them, and she would peruse on the life she had chosen to live as a single mother. She would ponder on how she hated tofurkey and how she loved pulling the cork out of a new bottle of her favorite wine. As she heard the keyboard in the song, she would wish that she would have taken up playing an instrument of some sort when she was younger. It was a thinking space. It was something she enjoyed. It never got old for Georgia, driving that road that is. She loved her errand days and driving into town while enjoying her music as she cruised by the ducks that would sometimes be alongside the road.

The road that they all lived on was a road that hugged the edge of the lake, and it was always scenic. Anybody who was close to her knew she would bring food for the ducks and geese that occupied the roadside by the lake. Today was one of those days where she would stop and feed them before she got into town.

With REO still blaring on her radio, she pulled over to the side of the road, gathered the food she collected to feed the wildlife, and exited her vehicle. She tossed her jacket over her shoulder and grabbed her cigarettes from the cupholder in the door before closing it. Finn didn’t know that she had taken up smoking, and she did not intend for him to find out. Her car was her hiding place for all things unknown to her son. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, she thought as she shrugged her shoulders and lit her Marlboro Menthol cigarette, and walked to the shore of the lake where the ducks were swimming.

“Alright duckies, who wants some food?” Georgia said as she tossed a bit of dog food out to the ducks just off the edge of the shore. It was a scrum of wildlife flocking to the grub she tossed out, and she loved watching them scramble to get it all.

A few ducks were up on the rocks beside the water that was moving back and forth against the sediment and boulders. She gave them some apples that she had cut up. One duck was especially hungry, and he kept edging closer and closer to Georgia. He gave a little nibble to her finger as she was feeding him.

“Well, hello there little guy…do you want some of these apples too?” She giggled at the greedy duck as she tossed him some more apples, and then all the ducks started becoming frightened.

They jumped into the water if they were not already in it and swam away from her as fast as they could. Georgia heard some of the brush behind her wrestle like someone was pushing their way through it. She was afraid to turn around and look. She just took a deeper drag from her cigarette and hoped the noise would disappear or whoever it was would turn and walk away. The disturbance got closer and heavier. Georgia thought so hard within herself about what to do and began to think about, Should I turn around? Or should I speak? She looked at the skyline with a prayer in her psyche. Georgia did not know what to do, and she was frightened to the point goosebumps had shown up on her skin. She was not cold. She was terrified, and that terror was making her skin crawl.

She took a horrified gulp of her throat and gasped out into the air without turning around to see who was there, “Hello…is someone there?”

Nobody answered. The feet stopped moving. She looked back and saw a towering, unkempt-looking male with a wan face glaring at her. His look was absolute terror. His eyes had a twitch, and they were as dark as the night’s sky without a moon. She knew him. He was there to hurt her.

“I know you. What do you want? Finn is not here.” She trembled in her vocal cords. “Please, I am just feeding the ducks. I don’t want any trouble.”

He edged closer to her, and she tossed her cigarette on the ground after taking the last big draw of smoke into her mouth. She stepped on it and looked at the ominous man. He was just waiting on her to move, like a tiger watching his prey. She had no idea what he wanted or why he was there…she only knew that she was not making it to town today. She would not collect her packages from the sewing shop today or any other day. She would never make that drive to town that she loved so much ever again, and she would not see her sons’ faces smiling back at her. She was going to be at the mercy of a man who looked as if he had more demons than a haunted house. She held onto any pride she had in her soul, and that was when she realized in her thoughts, I am going to die today…

“Jericho, right? Please…don’t do anything stupid! I have children. I’m all they have.” She was praying as she decided to try to avoid him. “I’m just going to go.”

She was unsuccessful. She tried to walk away, but she tripped. She took a fall over a boulder that was hidden in the grass, and he pursued her, enjoying the chase. When he got within reach of her, the assassin struck her in the back of the head with a baseball bat, knocking her unconscious while she was already down on the ground.

No one was around. No one saw Georgia go down. He threw her over his shoulder in his barbaric way, bound her hands and feet, loaded her into the station wagon, and drove away as fast as he could from the scene of the crime with Georgia’s body. His plan was to drive her over to the other side of the lake and away from her normal route, dump her body, and hide the vehicle. The problem was that his mind was sick, and he wasn’t done with her yet. He was a monster. A demon of the most awful kind…He got off on the pain of others, literally. He had been following her around for months and knew most of her habits, so when it came time to snatch her from her life, he would not fail. Georgia would have never seen him coming, but he wanted her to turn around and see his cold eyes staring back at her before he grabbed her from the shore. He got his morbid wish.

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